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May 31, 2005
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homeland or death2 by guevara02 homeland or death2 by guevara02
I dont know in which category to submit this
It's a practice on the Arabic"Kufi" font.. In fact: I do not know where is the callegraphy category at all, I dont know even if there is a category like this
Any ways, translation: Homeland or death
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The font is good-looking, very architectural.
The only comment I can make about political content is when there is a statement like "something or death"
it usually intends death for other, those may prefer life.
The category is wrong, it should be in text art-> calligraphy. (or other relevant text art category since it is not handwriting ) . Of course in those it is usually appreciated to link to the ressource font used.
Ressource ->fonts is for free /personnal use fonts that you put here for others to use and download, with the image as a sample. Does it helps ?

I dont read chinese nor arabic, but I just find hilarious people confusing the writings style.
Deluxive Apr 25, 2007  Professional General Artist
Nice work there!
thank you so much :)
:+fav: Excellent work :)

I just started to learn "calligraphy" (<!-- in quotes cuz I do it in PabloDraw, an ansi-editor).

Good title... I interpreted it as people need something to fall back or else they're lost... like trees rooted in the ground...

screw the people that thought this was anti-anything... they're the ones that need help... ^^;;
This is really great. I've never seen Arabic in such a dark style. I really like it. I dont know what I would do if I could never come back to oregon, probably would die, or try to find another place like it. Why is it that every one asumes this is an anti "western" peice? I think thats a verry negative idea. It seems to me that this is more about the intense passion that links a soul to its home. What is it about?
radio9x Feb 26, 2006
It has taken a long time but Traditional Art / Typography / Calligraphy is the catagory and there is a large community of calligrapers growing there [link]

nice work
thanks for your help
ah excusme, this art piece should go for Digital Art>misc category
that is truly beautiful, I'm one American who can appreciate beauty without caring from whence it came, I truly am astounded by the beauty and complexity of the script, english alphabet pales in comparison to so many other languages, it truly makes me wish I could easiy learn other languages, but I'm 19, and they say once a person ages past 12 or 13 it is rather difficult to learn another language, Japanese is freaking difficult to learn... well, this deserves a fav b/c of the beauty and simplicity that it is.
Thank you, stranger :)
I really appreciate the motive behind your words. What urges you to write such a comment is partly an attempt to say: al cultures do enrich the human heritage as a whole. (As I suppose)
My friend, this script is only a form, what does really interest me is the core of it: the meaning.
It is a way to say: We, also, deserve to live free of occupation. As humans do.

Be safe :)
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